My Honest Clever Messenger Review.  Read NOW!

My Honest Clever Messenger Review. Read NOW!

In this article, I do a deep dive into what Clever Messenger actually is. We look a whether it’s for you and your business, or not. How much it actually costs, what the up-sells are, plus all the pros and cons of this new tool, and much, much more.

(It’s a BIG one, so strap in and fasten your seat belts!)

Why Should You Even Consider Chatbots?

Why - Clever Messenger

There are many reasons why a chatbot should be part of your business:

  • First. Social Media Marketing still works. But, back in 2015 already, Messaging Apps Surpassed Social Networks. And Messaging Apps continue to grow at an amazing rate. This means most people online today are active on Messaging Apps!

  • Second. the only way to leverage Messaging Apps is to put in place some sort of automation. Which does all the hard work for you! I mean, you don’t want to message all your customers and subscribers manually, right?

  • Third. Big Fortune 500 companies, reputable marketers, and lots of Start-Ups already use bots! This already should give you a clue that bots are quite possibly here to stay, forever.

This is in line with the prediction Gartner made!  They expect that 95% of all business interactions are managed without a human by 2025 — That’s soon!

In a recent survey about Chatbot Benefits according to Consumers:

  • 95% of respondents said “24-hour customer service” is the top benefit of chatbots.

  • 65% of respondents said “getting an instant response” is the 2nd most benefit

  • “Getting answers to simple questions” came in third by 55% of respondents


  • 4 out of 5 of your competitors will be leveraging chatbots

  • 96% of businesses believe chatbots are here to stay forever

Let that sink in — Pretty compelling, right?

20 cool facts about Chatbots


These stats — amongst loads of other reasons — is why the team behind Clever Messenger went All-In on Chatbots. As a result, they’ve created something quite cool that deserves a good in-depth look.It includes more cool insights on Chatbots. And why they’re so essential in your online business

With that said, with so many Messaging App platforms out there…

Which one should you start focussing on?

The answer may be quite obvious already, as I mentioned in the intro of this article; Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Message.

Here’s why these platforms should be part of your business:

With 2.9 Billion+ combined users, Messenger and Instagram DM should get your undivided attention.

And the stats don’t lie:

  • 72% of people who use these platforms are (confirmed) online buyers.

  • 100% delivery rate for every single broadcast

  • It is the most engaging channel with an average of 82% open rates. (That’s huge!)

  • It has 4 to 10 times higher CTRs compared to email.=

  • Response time is 20% FASTER compared to traditional messaging.

Your audience already uses these platforms day-in day out. So shouldn’t your business be part of that conversation? Let’s find out!

Look, often the email comparison takes place. Which is fine. But I do have something to say about that too.

Messenger’s results compared to Email.

As you’ve seen, Messenger has far better results when compared to Email.

But — and I want to stress something here — some people claim “Email is dead” and the bots are taking over. Which is not the case.

What I love about the team at Clever Messenger is that they agree on this point!

Because they recognize — like me — that a sale in today’s world is a multi-touch experience.  Meaning multiple channels are needed to make a sale more likely to happen…

And like Email, Messenger is another — and I may add, very important — channel to add to the mix. Now, the Clever Messenger team created a cool calculator.

This helps you understand how Messenger stacks up vs. Email:

Messenger vs Email calculator


Yes — the results you get with Messenger are far better than with Email Marketing.  But again — on the same page — they talk about the importance of a multi-touchpoint approach. Or in their own words Multi-Channel marketing.

Plus they mention Email is NOT dead. But, It should work in conjunction with Messenger. Rather than leaving Email behind.

So, What is Clever Messenger?

Clever Messenger is a cloud-based Chatbot Creator and Marketing Suite for Messenger and Instagram Direct Message. It enables you to create engaging chatbots, while at the same time marketing with them.

You’ve seen them being used already by… Fortune 500 companies, startups, and every reputable marketer out there.

Unlike other Chatbot Creator & Marketing tools out there on the market… Clever Messenger immediately caught my attention! Because it has some interesting useful features I haven’t seen anywhere else before!

Chatbots are very hot and happening. To be honest — they will be an essential part of our businesses (more and more) over the years to come.

Now, there have been other Chatbot Creator and Marketing tools in the past. But if you’ve used most of them, you’ll know they all share the same frustrating flaws:

  • They have crappy chatbot templates

  • They lack training and proper support, you got a tool and don’t know how to use it

  • They are buggy and glitchy, and thus unreliable.

  • They often need “middleware” to make integrations with third-party tools work

  • Subscribers get stuck in Flows, or the chatbot takes too long to answer.

A few Clever Messenger’s features which blew me away:

Flow Composer: They made it super simple to create a chatbot. Drag ‘n Drop “Cards” to a blank canvas, fill in the blanks, and connect them to each other. You now have something they call a “Flow”. This is Amazing. As it helps you map out your bot while you build it out. A HUGE time-saver and it gets you a proper overview right out of the gate.

Integrations: This is cool because it integrates with the tools you already use and love on a daily basis. They’ve got over 50 native integrations. You don’t need “middleware software”. You don’t Zapier or Integromat, to make a connection with your favorite tool. Saving you tons of money and time already. But. Rest assured. If you want, you can integrate with these tools too. Yup, there are Zapier and Integromat integrations.

Audience Segments: This is the only chatbot software that takes Segmenting of your audience into account. The segments auto-update, great for automation! Use them in your Flows with condition cards! Or use them in Broadcasts… IF you only want to engage with a group of people that meets a specific set of requirements. Allowing you to be super relevant and precise in your targeting.

Robust Templating System: Create Templates for yourself, your following, or for the community. And at the same time make use of the templates shared by others. What’s great about this is the fact that you only have to do the work once. Let’s say you have multiple pages — or clients — in the restaurant niche… You only have to create the template once. Then simply copy it over to any other bot, change some minor things, and you’re good to go.

220+ DFY templates: Clever Messenger provides templates that are battle-tested and Done For You. Click on the desired template, and install it… And your chatbot immediately activates. You’ve got a fully working chatbot, ready to go, in seconds.

Multiple Capture Tools: Yes! Use Clever Messenger to generate Messenger and Instagram Subscribers in multiple different ways. Total game changer. I’ll go a bit deeper into these tools in a bit. Next to that, you easily generate emails and phone numbers… or any other information you’d like to capture, right from the chatbot as well.

Broadcasting: Send broadcasts to your subscribers, or schedule them in, Define notification options, send it to all subscribers, or send it to a segment (YUUGE!). They also have a Time Travel feature. Allowing you to engage with your subscriber at their best time. Extremely fast messaging as well (50,000 messages sent out in under 2 minutes!)

Emoji and Personalization: Since it’s all tied to Facebook you can actually personalize right away. By asking for their email inside Messenger, you don’t have to ask for their name. Because you can already send that data over to your Autoresponder! Also, you can add emojis everywhere, I’ve been using ChatFuel before… And they don’t have in-app emojis, you actually need to copy and paste in from a site called EmojiPedia (LAME!).

Why does this matter?

These features alone will get you to the next level if you already got your feet wet with chatbots before. And you may even consider switching if you’re running a bot on another platform — on which I’ll elaborate in a bit.

Plus it will serve as a significant shortcut to chatbot mastery if you’re yet to dabble with chatbots! It’s awesome — and this is scratching the tip!

So, what else can Clever Messenger do?

Clever Messenger is a versatile tool, with tons more features I found useful! Now, I found another page that gives you an “at a glance” overview of what the software has inside. Yup — There are tons more features packed into this tool. Making it one of the most robust Chatbot Creator and Marketing Suites I’ve ever seen.

They have a page which gives you birds-eye view of all the features:

Clever Messenger Bonus page

Click Here to Get a Quick Taste of All Features

But, there is one slight negative point (for me) which I’ll cover a bit down below.

So, who is it for?

A chatbot should definitely be part of your business, regardless of what industry you’re in.

(Unless you’re selling chicken coops to local farmers, lol)

If your business even touches something in the online world. A chatbot should be part of your strategy.

It saves you time because you unclog your support channels. Easy questions are answered by your chatbot. And you can focus on what matters most, which of course is the growth of your business.

You pre-qualify leads. Have your chatbot survey your leads before you actually talk with them. Your focus is only on the people primed to buy your product or our service!

You can even have fully automated sales sequences… Where your chatbot leads your subscriber all the way to the sales… Quite magical!

Clever Messenger is for all walks of web life. It’s for Advertisers, Support Desks, independent Affiliate and Internet Marketers, Marketing Agencies, and any small, medium, or BIG business owner… who wants to leverage Messaging Apps with chatbots for immense growth.

What’s cool is that if you’re looking to create extra income… you’ll be pleased to know, that this also comes with a commercial license. Enabling you to use Clever Messenger for client work. Basically, Offering chatbot services, which you can sell and keep all the profits!

Sure, but what about the other Chatbot Tools?

Of course. There are other tools on the market that boast similar traits like Clever Messenger.   Even though Clever is mentioned together with the VC-backed giants (ChatFuel and ManyChat) in the same breath…

Clever Messenger seems to be doing a lot of stuff differently…everything is simplified!

In this part of this review, I add some highlights of a comparison with the other two known Chatbot creators.

Features ManyChat & ChatFuel don’t have:

  • Multiplex Cards
  • The ability to have multiple actions or tasks happen if a subscriber does something. A true Multi-Task feature! You’re not limited anymore to “IF this THEN this”… Instead you have access to “IF this THEN this, this this this this this, ∞”.

  • Native Integrations
  • Integration Cards directly in your flows without the need of Zapier of Integromat. Save money, and time. Get the overview!

  • Randomize AND Split Testing Cards
  • Ability to use Randomize Card to alternate outcomes, great for raffles. Or Split Test your messages to see what converts best.

    Send Flows directly from LiveChat

    Repurposing your Flows as Canned Replies… Great for giving fast and easy support.

    • Send Flows directly from LiveChat
    • Repurposing your Flows as Canned Replies… Great for giving fast and easy support.

    • Flow-Based Keyword triggers!
    • Clever Messenger detects if a subscriber is in a certain flow, to see which keyword is most relevant at that time. It picks the message tied to that keyword in order to provide your subscriber the best relevant experience.
    • Elaborate and easy-to-use API
    • Their API is robust, and you can do a lot of stuff with it. Great for the tech heads that want to do something cool. For instance, you can have Clever Messenger send a Flow once people reach a certain part of your page… (insane!)
    • Clever Snippets

    • Webhooks are now easily shareable throughout the community. You only need to copy and paste a piece of JSON code in a field, and the webhook card automatically updates.

    • Multiple Widgets on the same page

    • Huge. You can have Customer Chat, Send To Messenger buttons, and Checkboxes all running on the same page!

      Plus… Widgets like Customer Chat actually work on ClickFunnels. They’ve cracked the code.

    • Messages are sent out FAST
    • The last test shows 50,000 messages sent in under 2 minutes.

    • Analytics EVERYWHERE
    • Overall Performance, Flow Performance, Opens, Clicks… all the data you need to optimize!

    • Different Language Options
    • You change the language per feature, one to have multiple greeting texts in different languages? You can. Same goes for Main Menu, Widgets, and everything. You’re not tied to having your bot in 1 language anymore.

    And this is just the top of my head… There’s a lot more! Also worth to mentions is this:

    Unlike other tools… Clever Messenger doesn’t charge you per page! Which is great. Because you can now distribute all your subscriber slots over unlimited pages.

    This means they charge you only on subscribers – and they don’t care how many pages you’re adding. This means you enjoy all the features for each page you add (your own or client page)

    Where Clever Messenger currently is behind vs ChatFuel & ManyChat.

    A Payment Integration. Although it’s on their roadmap… they still need to create the ability to accept payments within your chatbot.   Again, the good thing is that they are going to add it. The bad thing is that you’ll have to wait a bit for this to appear in your account.

    Where Clever Messenger is truly Clever.

    There are a ton of Clever ways where they blow the others out of the water. I.e. Facebook requires you to send Messaging Tags with your chatbot. To stay within the policies of FB (and not to get your bot banned) you pretty much want to add this to your messages!

    With Clever Messenger, you easily add Messaging Tags to your messages. Meaning you stay compliant with FB. ManyChat doesn’t offer this and because of it, your bot is at risk! Good thing is that Chatfuel does offer this too (but in a limited way).

    Clever Messenger has native Integrations! This means there’s no need for expensive middleware software!

    Yep, you don’t need Zapier and Integromat anymore to connect your favorite tools.

    What’s epic is that they have these “Integration Cards”. You Drag ‘n Drop these to the canvas and you’ve got your integration right there in your Flows!

    ManyChat only has a few (?) native Integrations and requires you to use Zapier to connect the rest of your tools.

    Chatfuel… The same principle. It needs Zapier to connect with other tools.

    But with Chatfuel, it’s even worse, there’s no Emoji support. You need to go to EmojiPedia and copy and paste them from that website into your messages. Personalization is hard too.

    And for a Messenger Code, they are also redirecting you to a third-party website… But Clever Messenger has the Messenger Code generator inside their app… You can even choose which Flows it will send out after scanning.

    Clever Messenger has a true Flow Composer. Not some wrapper around old (and outdated) tech… YES. I’m looking at you ManyCrap. My Subscribers have been stuck in Flows many many times!

    (I seriously am thinking of calling them ManyCrap, or ManyBugs, lol)

    Nothing is worse than having your subscribers stuck in a Flow, or having them in an endless loop.

    It comes off as unprofessional. And subscribers are quickly to flog over to your competition.

    Luckily, Clever Messenger has some cool ways to prevent this from happening!

    That said. There’s No per Page Pricing BS!

    Both ChatFuel and ManyChat have this. You actually get charged per page. Which gets expensive very fast. Whereas Clever Messenger’s pricing is based on the number of subscribers. Which allows you to distribute the subscribers over unlimited pages. You save a lot this way.

    Plus… They have a PayPal payment method. I’ve seen this requested tons of times over at ManyChat and Chatfuel, they never listened. They only have the Credit Card option… whereas PayPal is also a payment method over at Clever Messenger.

    BTW — I got some inside information *evil laugh* — read on!

    So, What does Clever Messenger going to cost you?

    Normally, it will be $499 a year, but the special launch price is a one-time $199.But it doesn’t stop there.

    Because during this special founder charter launch, you even get an extra $100 OFF! When you apply the discount coupon “SPECIAL300” on checkout.

    This means you get access to Clever Messenger with 3,000 subscribers for $199.

    And there’s an AMAZING bonus they’re adding as well (more on that in a bit).

    Are there any upsells?

    Yes, there are FEW upsells! Between you and me, you don’t need any of them to use Clever Messenger. But they might come in handy depending on your situation and usage. Especially if you wanna boost results a bit more!

    Here’s a quick scoop of the upsells inside the Clever Messenger Funnel:

    Upsell 1 — Clever Messenger Pro.

    That’s right, they got a Pro edition which enables you to amplify your results even more.

    • Send to Messenger button Overlay Widgets

    • Advanced Checkbox Plugin

    • Post Engagement (Private Replies to FB and IG Comments)

    • Way More Subscribers (15,000, 20,000, 25,000 and more subscribers)

    • Chatbot Template System

    • 220+ Chatbot DFY Templates
    • Webhook Cards
    • API Access
    • Team Roles
    • Bonus Subscribers when you upgrade to yearly

    Upsell 2 — Clever Messenger Agency.

    • Start with 5, 10, or 15 Client Slots

    • Each Client Slot comes with their own Account

    • 1 Client Slot is equal to a Pro Account with 5,000 subscribers

    • Access to Full Management Panel

    • Access to Take-Over Sessions

    • Affordable Client Licenses

    • Affordable Client Subscriber Upgrades

    • Access to new Agency features

    • Bonus Subscribers when you upgrade

    Upsell 3 — Clever Messenger Unlimited.

    • Ability to upgrade to Unlimited Subscribers

    • With a couple of cool bonuses, I can’t reveal.

    If that’s not enough to make you want to check this thing out, I don’t know what else will.   But — Clever Messenger isn’t perfect. Yes, it’s powerful. Yes, it’s going to save you tons of time and money creating chatbots…

    Next to the awesomeness and the good, it does have flaws.

    Let’s kick things off with the bad.

    I’ve already mentioned this before — and it’s most likely more of a personal thing. But they don’t have payment integration.

    It’s important for me to charge people for my training and products right from within my chatbot. Right now, I direct them to my page (which still opens up in Messenger btw) but the process could be more streamlined.

    The good news is on their roadmap. This means we can see this inside the app soon. And when that happens I’ll have nothing to complain about, lol. But. Another thing that deserves a small mention is that the app is BIG. I think it can be a bit overwhelming for newcomers to chatbots.

    If you’ve dabbled with other tools before, I don’t think it’s going to be a problem.

    But, think back to when you first started out… And needed to figure out how an Autoresponder worked? Well, it’s about the same learning curve. Which shouldn’t be too much of a problem for most, but still.

    They do have some pretty cool hands-on tutorials. Plus some tours throughout the app, allowing you to pick up the pace quickly.

    What I loved about Clever Messenger

    Their Drag ‘n Drop builder is something else. It’s beautiful, it’s simple and it gets the job done. You can make your Flows as complex as possible, and it’s still very easy to do.

    The Flow Composer is the beating heart. Everything revolves around this Automation Builder.

    But perhaps you don’t like Drag ‘n Drop stuff at all… I can say this though, ChatFuel doesn’t have a Flow builder as they work with blocks… And it simply kills any overview!

    In terms of Capture features (their “Growth Tools”), it’s next level. Again, they’ve got multiple ways to capture subscribers.

    Their Post Engagement feature (Private Replies to FB and IG comments) is a good example. It’s super easy to set up.

    Plus they have these little tweaks, like a Reaction Filter! A Randomizer (which makes each private reply different)… and a Catch-All posts feature which applies to set to all existing and future posts.

    A plus is that this actually works with Clever Messenger… I’ve tried it over at ManyChat this feature is always buggy.

    That said though if the idea of too many options scares you… don’t worry. Clever Messenger is designed to keep things simple.

    And if you need it, they have some nice onboarding tools.

    There’s also no branding throughout their Capture Tools or inside their Flows. (I think it’s weird when companies do this.)

    Next to adding as many Pages as you want… you also send Unlimited Broadcasts and have your bot send out Unlimited Messages.

    What’s awesome about Clever Messenger

    Money likes speed. And we all like Done For You stuff… With 220+ Chatbot Templates in various niches, you can’t go wrong.

    They add new ones on a monthly basis as well as Premium Flows! This stuff allows you to have things running in minutes. You only have to edit to your liking and you’re good to go.

    The icing on the cake is the Commercial License. The ability to use this for clients. Usually, vendors add this somewhere in an upsell, but you already get it with the Regular version.

    That said though, they do have an Agency version I recommend you use when you’re able to afford it. In the long term, you’re saving money. And it has a ton more options, as well as replacing the Clever Messenger logo with your logo.

    This is HUGE… They go a ton of native Integrations! This means there’s no need for expensive middleware software! Yep, you don’t need Zapier and Integromat anymore. Data is sent instantly to your third-party tool, no need to wait for 5 or 15 minutes per zap! Plus you also save a ton of cash in the long run.

    (Clever Messenger does integrate with Zapier and Integromat through the use of webhooks. And word has it they will do native Zapier and Integromat integration as well)

    Lastly… The Price, because this is the first time penetrating the market with Clever Messenger… they are offering this at an amazing low-cost fee.

    They will change their pricing to a subscription-based model after their launch is over. But this means that you can now take advantage of this Founding Member deal.

    And that’s not all yet…

    The Super Bonus You Get Is INSANE!

    Offered by the Clever Messenger Team, you actually get a 30-day FREE Trial to Clever Messenger Pro. I’ve never — I repeat, NEVER — seen a company do this before, and it’s a great way to get a full taste of Clever Messenger.

    clever messenger pro

    This means you access FREE for a full 30 days to:

    • Send to Messenger button Overlay Widgets

    • Advanced Checkbox Plugin

    • Post Engagement (Private Replies to FB and IG) Comments)

    • Way More Subscribers

    • Chatbot Template System

    • 220+ Chatbot DFY Templates

    • Webhook Cards

    • API Access

    • Team Roles

    • All Future Features Updates

    So how does this Bonus Trial thing work?

    Well. Once you add the Pro Trial to your regular Clever Messenger purchase… you subscribe to the Clever Messenger Pro plan at $49/mo. Note, the first 30 days are FREE and you will not get charged if you cancel within those first 30 days. You can cancel this Trial from within the Clever Messenger account dashboard as well. This means you don’t have to wait for their support to do this for you. You’re in 100% control.  To me, this breeds trust, as they genuinely want you to try everything out at their expense. I love this approach. Because it gives you the full taste upfront, without the need of paying for Pro immediately!

    But — there’s something else to take note off:

    You’re invited to skip this FREE 30-day Trial when you reach the first up-sell. Cheeky? Perhaps. But it’s a very smart offer you should consider taking advantage of.

    They will offer you to upgrade to a yearly Clever Messenger Pro account. You get access to everything that comes with Clever Messenger Pro. All the future updates and feature releases — for a 50% recurring yearly discount!

    A quick comparison:

    • Clever Messenger Pro – 10,000 subscribers (Monthly) $49

    • Clever Messenger Pro – 15,000 subscribers (Yearly) $299

    That’s basically $289.00 OFF the price if you go yearly, and you get more subscribers.

    There’s more! Here are Other Bonuses You Receive:

    clever messenger checklist

    The Chatbot Checklist: Setting up your Messenger Chatbots is a breeze with his checklist. As it makes sure your chatbot performs as it should right out of the gate! You get a full checklist that allows you to see where you are in setting up your bot. Again, adds to the overview!

    clever messenger templates

    200+ Premium Flow Templates: Receive 200+ HIGHLY Exclusive DFY Premium Flow Templates. Battle-tested flow templates proven to generate leads and increase conversions. Import your desired Flow Template and fill in the blanks!   This includes:

    • Qualify Leads Survey Template

    • Choose Your Gift Lead Magnet Template

    • Multi-language Distribute Template

    Facebook Community: Join their growing and super-engaging community on Facebook. Talk strategy with your peers form alliances and more to get the most out of Clever Messenger right off the bat. This is where they share: Chabot Templates, Templated Flows, and Clever Snippets (little pieces of code you can copy and paste into a webhook card in order to make super advanced customizations)… Next to that super cool bot strategies, insights, and more!

    Founding Member Status: Your name and company name are on a special page on the Clever Messenger main website. Wonderful. Not sure why more companies are doing this. This indicates you act on an awesome opportunity when you see it… and you were there from the start. Full bragging rights included.

    The Final Verdict:

    There are other Chatbot Creator and Marketing Suites on the market. But I haven’t seen any that make the entire process as smooth, smart, and quick as Clever Messenger.

    It’s glitch and bug-FREE (I’m surprised because most low-priced tools like this are buggy as hell).

    It’s packed with cool and useful features. The chatbot templates are amazing. They look nice, and if you want, in 2 clicks you got an entire chatbot running.

    I also had a chat with the Founder, Stefan van der Vlag, about their “Heroic Support”. They showed me their current support rating. It’s a whopping 4.9/5 stars, and they have an average reply time of under 10 minutes… That’s true Heroic support!

    Not that you need this “Heroic Support” — because there’s self-help too. Clever Messenger comes with full video training. They give you “Get Started” training. Which contains value-packed modules on how to set everything up… They have in-depth documentation, where they lay out each feature in precision. This helps you understand what you can do with it — and it’s a lot (the possibilities are endless).

    Not that you need all that stuff to be successful either though. Because the application looks and feels professional. They got a cool onboarding experience as well… complete with confetti when you do something (like creating your first bot)!

    To be honest, it has a great UX. Of course, there’s some room for improvement. As I think some things can be done in 1-click instead of 3.

    But you can see they’ve been putting hard work and their creativity into this for the last 6 years.

    Want to start fast? Then choose a template, edit it to your liking, and you’re good to go. You can have your fully powered lead and sales-generating chatbot setup in minutes. This is a must-have for anyone who doesn’t want to spend hours making a beautiful chatbot. And just wants to have a bot implemented in their business fast and easy.

    The icing on the cake is the commercial license – which is included in the Front-End product. Normally, vendors charge extra for this, so it’s a HUGE value-added bonus.

    Do note, that if you’re planning to do the ‘Agency Thing’. The second upsell the “Agency Edition” will be better suited. This comes with discounted pricing. The client panel, the account take-over capabilities, and much, much more.

    The guys behind this have 30 years of combined marketing and software experience. They’re known for creating high-quality professional solutions… you should expect nothing less from Clever Messenger.

    People already call this “the Coca-Cola of chatbot creators and marketing suites”. I definitely understand why.

    That said.  If you’re planning to create chatbots, and market with them, you owe it to yourself — and your business — to pick this up now.

    Because it’s a tool that you definitely need in your business in 2022 and beyond.   If you’re currently running with a different platform, you may wanna consider switching.

    The price is worth it, plus they are pretty much on the same level as the BIG giants… (and they didn’t cheat by taking VC money…)

    At least try it. Get your feet wet. They got a 30-day money-back guarantee in place. Allowing you to test-drive everything out at their expense for a FULL 30 days.

    Click this link to Sign up for the Free Training and see Clever Messenger in action.

    Update 1 – FREE Chat Widget:

    Just found something else which is pretty cool — the Clever Messenger team created a cool chat widget that ties in with the Facebook Messaging plugin.

    Please note, that the messages which are typed into the chat widget by your visitors will directly go to your Facebook Page inbox. People will automatically become a Messenger subscriber. From your Facebook Page inbox, you can communicate with your subscriber.

    But — using this widget — the true Live Chat capability is lost because this is not possible with the Facebook Messaging plugin.

    That said though, the Clever Messenger Team has created this chat widget for you, and you can already set this up for FREE on your website and its pages. So you can dabble with this for a bit… And already have an easy way of generating Messenger Subscribers!

    Click this link to get your FREE Chat Widget.

    Now, if you’re looking for a TRUE Live Chat solution using Messenger, then Clever Messenger provides you with the Customer Chat widget, which ties in with their back-end Live Chat solution — this basically allows you to have a true live conversation with your subscriber, no matter where they are on your site, Facebook, Messenger… on desktop, or their phone.

    Of course, this comes with the Clever Messenger software, and it blows their FREE chat widget out of the water (But hey, they give you something for FREE what’s not to love)

    Update 2 – Subscriber Importer:

    Awesome news for people who already dabbled with chatbots on both ManyChat and Chatfuel.

    Look, if you’ve done this ‘chatbot thing’ before, or you’re just looking to switch to a more robust platform… you may think something around the line of; “what about my current subscribers?”

    Well, the Clever Messenger team has something really cool in place. Which is the subscriber importer!

    I’ve gone ahead and moved over my subscribers to Clever Messenger. In just 2 minutes you’ll have your entire subscriber base imported from either ManyChat or ChatFuel to Clever Messenger — including all your Custom Fields, Tags, plus all info you need.

    Do note that this is for Subscribers only. Flows cannot be imported.

    The team has communicated to the community it’s simply not possible, and they tried! They stated that each chatbot creation software uses a different approach and it would be quite impossible to get something done around the lines of a Flow/Block Importer.

    Rumour has it that they do have some Concierge service coming. This means that a Clever Messenger team member will gladly reproduce your Flows in Clever Messenger.

    But I’m not sure if this is going to be a paid or free service yet.

    That said, the Subscriber Importer gets the job done and you’re able to move over your subscribers and continue communicating with them through Clever Messenger!

    Click this link to Sign up for the Free Training and see Clever Messenger in action.

    7 Figure Affiliate System Review

    7 Figure Affiliate System Review

    What is 7 Figure Affiliate System All About?

    1. Vendor Name: Michael Cheney
    2. Product Name: 7 Figure Affiliate System
    3. Launch Date: 8th March 2022
    4. Launch Time: 9 AM EST Ending 14th March 2022 11.59 PM EST
    5. Front-End Price: $9.95 through launch
    6. Refund Policy: 30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee
    7. Training Facility: Online Video
    8. Support System: Good and friendly support
    9. Bonuses: Vendor Bonuses Plus Check Out My Insane Bonus Bundle

      Unlock High Ticket Mastery
      – Content Creation Hack
      – Build Your 1st Website in 3 Easy Steps
      – Reach Peoples Inbox Using Stealthd
      – Invitation To A Free WebClass

    7 Figure Affiliate System – Vendor Bonuses

    7 figure affiliate bonuses

    7 Figure Affiliate System Review – Features & Benefits

    Here’s What Else You’re Going To Discover In The 7 Figure Affiliate System:

    • How To Find High Converting High Commission Products To Promote. (They Do This By Tapping Into Hidden Affiliate Networks For Hidden Opportunities. Then Show You How To Set Up Quick Converting Campaigns Using 100% Free Traffic)…
    • How To Create A Money Making Machine That Brings In Sales Customers & Commissions Automatically.
      (This Is So Stupid Simple To Do They Have No Idea How More People Don’t Profit From This Strategy)…
    • How To Grow A 7 Figure Affiliate Business While Working 1-2 Hours Per Day. (So You Can Skip Wasting Time On Figuring Out What Actually Works To Make Money. This Is A Proven Way To Set Yourself Straight To Tgw Money …)

    Free Traffic to Generate Customers

  • They’ll Show You How To Put Your Customer Generation From Free Traffic. A Virtual Autopilot So You Can Free Up Your Time. (And Never Be Forced To Spend A Dime On Traffic Again)

  • The 7 Figure Affiliate System Can Help You Start Making Real Money Online. Easily & Effortlessly With A Very Clear Roadmap On Exactly What You Have To Do. All You Got To Do Is Follow The Steps
  • 7 Figure Affiliate System Review – FAQs

    • I want this, what exactly am I getting? This 7 Figure Affiliate System special offer really is special. They wanted to make it so good that you’d feel stupid by not ordering it. If having an online money making system that gives you freedom. What you’ll get in this special offer includes the 7 Figure Affiliate System. A free video training about how To get Sales & Buyers Using 100% Free Traffic. 7 figure affiliate Mindset and you get the 7 Figure Affiliate System Quick Start Guide PDF.
    • Do you offer more in depth help? Yes. Nothing was held back while writing this system. But for the people that want to further assistance they do offer opportunities to “upgrade” your order after purchasing.
    • Who is this for? This is for 2 types of people. Those interested in getting more freedom in their lives by creating a simple 7 Figure Affiliate system for a business they want to start. Or for current business owners who would like to accelerate their sales, customers & commissions (and put them on autopilot), using 100% free traffic so they can keep more of their profits.
    • What is 7 Figure Affiliate System? The 7 Figure Affiliate System is a systematic approach to increasing sales customers & commissions using 100% free traffic. It is not a fad that comes and goes. It is not helping you to launch more ad campaigns that you have to constantly monitor. The 7 Figure Affiliate System is about building an a commission machine for your business. It will give you not just freedom and profit,
    • that can be around for decades.

    How is this Different?

  • How is this different than all the other stuff out there? Generally all the other stuff out there teaches people how to get more sales. Using expensive and unpredictable paid advertising. Anyone can do that once or twice. Then they run into problems when they realize that they were taught a “one off” tactic. That makes the guru look good because they get a cool screenshot testimonial. However, the student is stuck to make profitable consistent sales. Not knowing how to make their business more predictable and profitable.

  • Is there a guarantee? Yes, you get a 30 day money back guarantee in case it’s not for you. I even let you keep the entire system.
  • Get Product only at $9.95 One Time Payment

    7 Figure Affiliate System Review – Conclusion

    Low ticket price for top quality training information video on the Front End of 7 Figure Affiliate System.


    1. Get 7 Figure Affiliate System by Clicking here to download it now or via any link on this page
    2. My bonuses will be delivered inside your Purchases Dashboard at Warriorplus. If you cannot find them, forward the receipt to my email at: I’ll help you out.
    Review of Secret Money System from Michael Cheney

    Review of Secret Money System from Michael Cheney

    The Secret Money System is training from Internet multi-millionaire Michael Cheney who’s appeared on TV, teaches you in JUST 3 highly effective sessions inside his Secret Money System and how you can use the same free method that’s made him millions online! 

    Michael Cheney’s latest info product:

    • “The Secret Money System” – This is the lead product in this sales funnel.
    • 3 Upsells/OTO’s (For newbies OTO means “one-time offer.”) implies you won’t see this again.

    What is The Secret Money System all about?

    The Secret Money System is about how to earn money in niches proven to be the easiest to make money online. The Secret Money System provides detailed, easy-to-follow training on how and why to get into online marketing.

    It’s high-quality, laid-bare training on why and how you should get started with online marketing.

    You will gain valuable, all-in-one training about the advantages & disadvantages so you can avoid mistakes and et on to the fast track to do what you set out to do, and that is to start earning an income online.

    Section 1 – MY REVIEW 

    In this video training series by Michael Cheney, you will learn the basics of online marketing. You will then delve into the how-to for starting to earn money in the shortest amount of time possible.  It is based on his seven-step formula for success. Michael Cheney has twenty years of experience and in the “Secret Money System” he holds nothing back.

    If you buy this training for $19.95, you’ll understand what you need to do to start making money online. He’s that specific. You can’t lose. Hold on, let me rephrase this. The only way you can lose is if you watch it and then don’t take any action to implement what you have learned.

    Each session Includes downloadable video, audio and transcript.

    Here are the bullet-points of The Secret Money System sessions:


    Session 1 Big money basics

    * The 7 Success Secrets to Make Money Online

    * REVEALED: The Ultimate Online Success Formula

    * Secrets of Making Big Money Online Finally Laid Bare


    Session 2 Where the money is online

    * Why Most People are Failing Online and The Quick Fix

    * The Biggest Mistake Online Entrepreneurs Make and the 11 Minute Solution

    * The 8 Hottest Niches and How to Mine them for Cash Quickly


    Session 3 Attract red hot buyers

    * Millionaire Software You Must Own (And How to Get it Free)

    * The Biggest Mistake Which Can Cost you Thousands (And The 2-Minute Fix)

    * The Zero Money Down Method to Collect Lucrative Leads

    Other Products in the Funnel

    The Secret Money System + Fast Cash Blueprint FE Bump: $16.90

    OTO #1 – The Big Money Accelerator $97

    Cheney shares his biggest secret that will accelerate you to the BIG MONEY quickly. Intrigued?

    OTO #2 – Colossal Commissions $97

    Commission-creating secrets he’s learned over twenty years that help affiliates earn more and bigger commissions, such as…

    • The one kind of affiliate marketing tactic to use if you absolutely MUST make $1000 commissions this month. (His HINT: It’s fast, free and fun to do)
    • The #1 WORST affiliate marketing mistake you can make.
    • Shocking truth about why people choose to buy from one affiliate and not another. (Learn this secret and you can double your sales overnight” Cheney)
    • The #1 EASIEST way to make hands-free commissions ever invented
    • Other commission-compiling strategies & tactics

    OTO #3 – Reseller Rights to the products in this funnel $97

    You can earn 100% commissions on the products in this funnel every time going forward.

    Do a little more research about Michael Cheney and his products. Michael has been in affiliate marketing for 20 years he knows what he is talking about.

    Watch my video review. I hope you find my video helpful, instructive, and informative! 

    Profit Cyclone Review

    Profit Cyclone Review

    So What Is Profit Cyclone All About?

    Profit Cyclone is a training and case study that will show you three different traffic methods to get your content and affiliate offers seen by potential buyers.

    The over the shoulder, step-by-step videos show you EXACTLY how to drive traffic to your “Online Hub” from three different sources Beginner friendly, just copy what you see on screen and you’re all set.

    Watch My Review Video Of Profit Cyclone Plus Bonus Products Available

    This product launch goes live on November 19th at 9 am EST this is a 5-day launch on the Warrior Plus platform.
    Earlybird pricing is frozen at $12.95 Make sure and watch my Profit Cyclone Review for full details of all upsells.

    It is brought to you from the desks of John Newman, Cynthia Benitez and William Weatherly.

    This video training information product will show you how to create high conversions using 100% free traffic for whatever offers you choose to promote using the “hub-based” affiliate model that has been the basis for major companies such as NerdWallet.

    Will Weatherly has been using this business model to achieve staggering conversion rates of over 80% while enjoying easy, low to mid 3 figure paydays like clockwork.

    The front-end training is backed by multiple case studies, including the following: Blog SEO traffic case study. Video marketing traffic case study, Social media traffic case study.

    Profit Cyclone Review Overview

    Overview Profit Cyclone

    My Bonus Products with Profit Cyclone

    • 40 HQ Lead Magnets to Boost Your List Bonus
    • Access Your SEO Studio Bonus 
    • ClickBank Mastery Course Bonus
    • Back Link Warrior (First 24H Only)) Bonus 
    • All “Vendor Bonuses”
    15-Second Profit Warrior

    15-Second Profit Warrior

    Watch my review of 15 Second Profit Warrior.

    You can get the following bonus products when you purchase through my bonus page. CLICK HERE:


    Access Continuum DFY    (24hrs only)

    4 Tips for great Channel Content 

    24k Followers in 24hrs

    35+ Bonuses to use in your promos

    All vendor bonuses

    10 most useful WordPress Plugins for better blogging

    10 most useful WordPress Plugins for better blogging

    Here are the 10 most useful WordPress Plugins I am using on my websites and blogs.

    AWeber Forms Optin Cat or Contact Form 7

    Two plugins to integrate with email autoresponder software, create forms to collect names and emails from your blog.  If you are a small business offering a service or products then this is a great way to build a list of subscribers, clients or customers who you can follow up with and send communications about new products and services.

    WordPress Editorial Calendar

    I found out about this plugin from a master blogger while in Costa Rica attending a marketing training event. It’s a calendar tool that allows you to upload a number of posts and schedule them over the month or week so that your posts get published on a consistent basis. If you want to use Wordress to create a professional blog the best way forward is to have one or two set days when new content is released. I’ve researched some of the top bloggers and social media influencers and they state the days of the week when new content will be published. That way your subscribers know what to expect from you and your website.

    WP Legal

    All websites should have a “Legal Disclaimer” whether your site is selling ecommerce, affiliate marketing or just an info blog hobby because what you write is available online. If your blog is personal you could add something like “This is my personal blog and the views expressed are my own”  If you gather data you should have a “Privacy Policy” and in the UK there are laws about keeping data and “Data Protection Principles” will tell you more.

    Yoast SEO

    This plugin helps you to get your SEO and readability optimised. When you know how to write and optimise the content and images you will have a much better chance of ranking your posts to be seen.


    I love this plugin, when you publish new content you can share the post to your own social media pages, like Twitter, Facebook or Google plus.  Your readers can also easily share the post to their friends. Also useful to create PDF’s of posts if you are in business and want to give a report to your customers or create some sort of lead magnet that you can promote to drive traffic back to your website.

    Pixel Caffeine

    Now this little “Pixel helper” tool is for anyone who wants to really cash in on their marketing budgets with Facebook promotions. It helps you to install a piece of code on your website from your Facebook ads manager. Then when you promote a sponsored ad with Facebook you can actually retarget your website visitors on Facebook.

    Google analytics By ShareThis

    The best way to add a Google Analytics tracking code to your website without modifying any files. You can check GA to see how many visitors your website has and also see where your visitors are in the world. Another useful analytic is how your visitors found your blog. GA will tell you the keywords that were searched and also the platform that the visitors arrived from. If you have shared out your posts or page links to social media you will see which platforms are bringing in the most visitors.

    WP Paypal shopping cart

    Do you have a digital product? An ebook or reports that could be sold from your blog, this is the plugin that will help you with setting up your Paypal checkout.

    Youtube Embed plus

    Do you have a YouTube channel? If you create videos you can use this plugin to embed and share video content on your blog.  The videos you share also don’t have to be your own.

    W3 Total cache

    Improve the load speed of your pages and posts. Optimise your SEO. Your visitors don’t want to wait for images and pages to load. If your site is slow you will lose visitors.

    WordPress Image Sizes

    thumbnail – 150×150
    D9 Hosting and DomainsStarting out learning WordPress and wanting to create you very first blog, read 10 most useful WordPress Plugins and get my special offer “free blog install” when you sign up to the recommended hosting… Click the image for more information on hosting.

    medium – 300×300

    Free 7 step success system crazy millionaire mentor

    medium_large – 768×9999

    Free 7 step success system crazy millionaire mentor

    Other images sizes for information

    large – 1024×1024

    post-thumbnail – 630×315

    featured-post – 285×200

    list-image – 182×125

    small-image – 78×55

    shareaholic-thumbnail – 300×0

    You can find more useful marketing tips with my done-for-you service.

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