Social Networking: Shape up your existing profile to attract new clients.

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Shape up your existing site

Shape up your existing profile to attract new clients.  Do you already have a social networking page somewhere and you’re wondering what you can do so that you can maximize your earning potential?

If you are, then you’re in luck.

There are so many profile pages sitting out there amongst social networking sites that are not being used the way that they need to be. They are just sitting there stagnant. What’s worse is that people on your friends list actually go through their list and “clean it up” by deleting those that have no impact on them. Don’t let that be you.

If your page is just sitting there doing nothing, here is how you can make it do something for your business:

•   Start adding friends again.  If you start adding friends again, your list is going to grow. The more friend requests you send, the better off you’re going to be.

•    Leave comments for your existing friends. Let them know that you’re still around and that you’re thinking about them. If they have forgotten who you are, they will go to your page to check you out. This is a good thing.

•    Make sure you stay up on birthday alerts so that you can extend birthday wishes to those friends. If you want to earn using social networking, you have to add that personal touch. You have to let your friends know that you’re not too good for them.

•    Post bulletins telling your friends that you have been away, but you’re back to stay. This is for those who have not realized you’re back.  Always include links to your website on your page, in comments, and in bulletins. That way they can click and learn more about you.

•    Update your background layouts frequently and announce it to everyone. Post a bulletin that says, “Changed background…tell me what you think.” People love to give input on something, so give them that chance.

•    Write a blog about what has been going on since you’ve been gone. Say something such as, “business has been nuts, but it’s glad to be back.” Let them know that you’ve been busy. Some may think your absence means that things aren’t doing too well. Tell them the opposite.

Utilize these steps and you’ll be able to get your social networking profile back on track. Make sure you stay up with it. You can’t earn using social networking if you are away from it for long periods of time.

Earn Using Social Networking and Reap the Benefits
Social networking is evolving into something never before seen on the internet. It was first meant as a way to promote music or to keep in touch with friends. However, businesses and organizations have caught on as well. So many more individuals have become more profitable because they have figured out how to earn using social networking.

But how does a person earn using social networking?

What special techniques are they using that are not getting them banned from these websites? Well here are the methods being used that help businesses earn using social networking:

•    They are not submitting friend requests to just anyone. It is always best to start with other businesses, especially if those businesses can benefit from the products and services.

•    When a friend request is submitted, it is best to include a personal note such as, “Thanks in advance for the add.” This is important because this lets the individual know that you’re a real person.

•    If you’re a legitimate business, people will add you. There are too many spammers on these sites looking to giveaway free iPhones if certain offers are completed. If you’re not legitimate or you are offering something that seems “spammy,” they’ll either not add you or report you for spam.

•    Stay up-to-date on your blog. Most social networking sites allow you to keep a blog. This is a great tool to remain profitable.

•    Be sure to keep up with the happenings amongst your friends. This means you’re going to wish people a happy birthday when it is their birthday and thank them for being your friend. That way they will check you out.

Basically, you can earn using social networking by staying up on your profile. If you keep everything updated and take an interest in your friends, they are going to take an interest in you. This is very important when trying to earn using social networking. If your profile just sits there doing nothing, then social networking is not going to work for you.

The most important thing is that you have fun. You’ll find that you can successfully earn using social networking if you have a lot of fun with your profile. It is probably one of the neatest ways to market a business because it is like you are literally playing. You’ll make friends, have fun with those friends, and you’ll make money throughout the process.


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