Review of Secret Money System from Michael Cheney

January 31, 2022
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The Secret Money System is training from Internet multi-millionaire Michael Cheney who’s appeared on TV, teaches you in JUST 3 highly effective sessions inside his Secret Money System and how you can use the same free method that’s made him millions online! 

Michael Cheney’s latest info product:

  • “The Secret Money System” – This is the lead product in this sales funnel.
  • 3 Upsells/OTO’s (For newbies OTO means “one-time offer.”) implies you won’t see this again.

What is The Secret Money System all about?

The Secret Money System is about how to earn money in niches proven to be the easiest to make money online. The Secret Money System provides detailed, easy-to-follow training on how and why to get into online marketing.

It’s high-quality, laid-bare training on why and how you should get started with online marketing.

You will gain valuable, all-in-one training about the advantages & disadvantages so you can avoid mistakes and et on to the fast track to do what you set out to do, and that is to start earning an income online.

Section 1 – MY REVIEW 

In this video training series by Michael Cheney, you will learn the basics of online marketing. You will then delve into the how-to for starting to earn money in the shortest amount of time possible.  It is based on his seven-step formula for success. Michael Cheney has twenty years of experience and in the “Secret Money System” he holds nothing back.

If you buy this training for $19.95, you’ll understand what you need to do to start making money online. He’s that specific. You can’t lose. Hold on, let me rephrase this. The only way you can lose is if you watch it and then don’t take any action to implement what you have learned.

Each session Includes downloadable video, audio and transcript.

Here are the bullet-points of The Secret Money System sessions:


Session 1 Big money basics

* The 7 Success Secrets to Make Money Online

* REVEALED: The Ultimate Online Success Formula

* Secrets of Making Big Money Online Finally Laid Bare


Session 2 Where the money is online

* Why Most People are Failing Online and The Quick Fix

* The Biggest Mistake Online Entrepreneurs Make and the 11 Minute Solution

* The 8 Hottest Niches and How to Mine them for Cash Quickly


Session 3 Attract red hot buyers

* Millionaire Software You Must Own (And How to Get it Free)

* The Biggest Mistake Which Can Cost you Thousands (And The 2-Minute Fix)

* The Zero Money Down Method to Collect Lucrative Leads

Other Products in the Funnel

The Secret Money System + Fast Cash Blueprint FE Bump: $16.90

OTO #1 – The Big Money Accelerator $97

Cheney shares his biggest secret that will accelerate you to the BIG MONEY quickly. Intrigued?

OTO #2 – Colossal Commissions $97

Commission-creating secrets he’s learned over twenty years that help affiliates earn more and bigger commissions, such as…

  • The one kind of affiliate marketing tactic to use if you absolutely MUST make $1000 commissions this month. (His HINT: It’s fast, free and fun to do)
  • The #1 WORST affiliate marketing mistake you can make.
  • Shocking truth about why people choose to buy from one affiliate and not another. (Learn this secret and you can double your sales overnight” Cheney)
  • The #1 EASIEST way to make hands-free commissions ever invented
  • Other commission-compiling strategies & tactics

OTO #3 – Reseller Rights to the products in this funnel $97

You can earn 100% commissions on the products in this funnel every time going forward.

Do a little more research about Michael Cheney and his products. Michael has been in affiliate marketing for 20 years he knows what he is talking about.

Watch my video review. I hope you find my video helpful, instructive, and informative! 

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