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Ann Loraine Marshall
Author, Blogger, Digital Markter.

A bit about my Background

I’m originally from Sunderland, which is in the North East of England UK.

I left school with a few qualifications and struggled to find employment before marrying and raising two children. Whilst caring for my family, I stumbled across a University course called the  Hitchhikers Guide and I was accepted on the summer course.  This experience was enjoyable and this gave me the confidence to consider other options to further my education and career.

I volunteered to work with the Citizens Advice in Sunderland I found this work very rewarding and learned a lot of new skills while volunteering.  I then got involved in fundraising for local Youth and Community groups.   At this same time, I began to study with the Open University and over 5 years obtained a BSc Hons degree in Social Sciences and also a Diploma in Economics.

Starting in Property Management

In 2005 I supported my then partner John Scott as we set up a student lettings and property management business. We worked hard to get started with next no money, with only two landlords and just five houses, our aim was to double business within the first six months and double again in the following six months. That is exactly what we did.

I continued with the business after the sudden death of my partner John in 2006.  I had support from my eldest daughter, Vikki, at that time. Finally, I was able to leave my employment in September 2007 to concentrate on developing Student-Rooms full time, specialising in licensed HMO Student Accommodation, based in Sunderland.

How things have changed since 2007 – I guess a lot of people were hit by the economic circumstances in the years that followed, in Sunderland I continued with business as usual and did not see any significant impact on income, until 2012.

It was fortunate that just two years earlier with ideas from my daughter Vikki we decided to open up to the residential property market with the creation of Silverleaf Lettings North East. Due to an oversupply of student housing and falling student numbers at the university we were able to convert student houses to the residential market.

Massive Changes

Who would have thought that I would move away from Sunderland? Not me.

But yes, I was pulled in the direction of York to be with the man who captured my heart.  Not only moving to York but also setting up a home in the sun in Spain during 2015 too.  In 2016  I decided to sell my property business to focus on doing business online.  My first online venture was selling physical goods with a merchant account fulfilled by Amazon or FBA.  Very soon I became frustrated with the constant search for profitable items.  I struggled with “internet marketing” “affiliate marketing” and “online education.” I lost my whole saving in 2018 and got into £1,000’s of debt when an online education company was closed down by the FTC. That was a hugely depressing blow.

So, after selling my business, losing my savings, and now also my partner of the last eleven years as he decided to move on to new things and remarried soon after.  I’m starting over again. I’m at the start of a new journey, learning and doing new things, growing and developing, creating and building an online presence.

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