Start Making Money Online in any Niche

March 21, 2018

Making Money Online

Are you still looking for that making money online  “get rich quick”, “push button system”, or “risk free investment”?

If you are TRUE to yourself you and I both know that these things are not real.

Did you know that your MINDSET is the key to your own SUCCESS!


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What Do You Really Need To Do To Start Making Money Online in any Niche?

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Just 4 simple steps to setting yourself up to start earning money online.

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How to start and grow your online business

February 14, 2018

Grow Your Online Business

Get clear about exactly what you deliver, take a look at your products and services, understand what it is that you provide your customers, they want to know “What’s In It For Me” WIIFM. This is how you will grow your online business.

Get clear on the audience that you are actually serving, start out targeting broad, then niche down.

Get very specific so people know exactly who you are helping and how you help them.

Understand why someone will actually buy from you… if it is YOU or Your MAGIC then this can be a roadblock, it’s better to have a message and process that you bring someone through.

The sale process is a simple one…

a). Find someone’s pain

b). Find someone’s vision

c). Find the solution

d). Show them the solution for a new reality

Lead generation

Don’t rely on one source of lead generation… use multiple sources… Solo Ads, Facebook, YouTube, PPC, Bing or Google ad words, SEO Organic, PR…

Get one working first, then keep expanding… this is SUPER important, if you don’t do it, it is the SINGLE biggest risk in your business.

Multiple Revenue Streams

This means, that you should have a couple different sources of revenue.

You want to be able to ensure that if something doesn’t “work”, you wouldn’t be out of the game.

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To grow your business you need to figure out which part of your business you’re weak on…

Marketing / Sales OR Operations/Finance/Management and then hire your #2…

This is critical…

Your either good at one of the two, most aren’t good at both.

If you are good at Marketing/Sales and have no one for the Operations/Finance, you’ll get yourself into fire fighting mode.

If you are good at Operations, but not Marketing/Sales, you’ll very soon have no customers to buy your stuff.

Plan and Implement a Marketing Funnel that can turn strangers into customers.

Base your lead generation on the first part of this strategy. Think about your product, your sale cycle/conversion times, your audience and calculate the numbers you need to reach $1M, or $100,000.

If you don’t know your numbers here, you’ll be fire fighting again…

Build Your Community not just Leads

Build an audience/community not just generating leads… this can be on social media platforms like a Facebook Group, or Linkedin Group, a Meetup Group… I don’t care HOW you do it, just do it…

However, if you don’t build a business that has a community, you will be working blind… Every single lead coming through your funnel should have the chance to both become a customer and a part of your community.

Failing is almost impossible when you have created a great community around your business.

And finally find a Mentor, Coach or Mastermind program

If you can buy access to solving a problem that would take you 4 weeks or 4 months to resolve, that someone else can solve in much less time…

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VALUE your TIME and look for the money, and think of the STRESS & TIME you’ll save…

Don’t forget

Work Hard… Work Smart… Stay Focused

WordPress for Niche Markets Top 3 Reasons

Niche market website or blog

Multitasking is a skill which can be really beneficial in a number of situations but not always. Multi-purpose themes may suit certain businesses but not all of them. WordPress is a great content package which can be perfectly utilised to suit the needs of every niche website of blog.

Still wondering which platform to choose for your latest niche market website or blog?

A simple and effective way would be to understand what exactly you need to get started. Once you consider the topic carefully, there would be two good options. One would be a comprehensive content management system and another a simple website or blog platform, but the truth is that one clear answer comes up organically: WordPress.

With 32 versions of WordPress released till 2017 and over 72 languages supported, WordPress is versatile and modern, and it can be effectively used in virtually any niche market. A proof of its power and flexibility is the fact that WordPress is embraced by some of the  biggest names  in the web hosting industry as a product that is well-worth special attention.

Introduced in 2003, WordPress started out as a humble blogging platform and then evolved rapidly into a wholesome content management package. Built on PHP and MySQL, WordPress can be self-hosted by choosing a third party hosting company or outsource the hosting, customer support, and services to WordPress.

Whichever you choose, you can’t really go wrong. Not every content management platform can say that 28% of all websites across the world are powered by it.

WordPress can.

51 Amazing Facts You Probably Don't Know About WordPress

Launching Investment & Value

At the time of launching a website or a blog, there are some considerations to be pre-decided before implementation.

As a rule of thumb, niche themes on WordPress are cheaper and easier to install compared to themes available for the mass market. It helps that the niche themes come with unique and innovative functionalities. Most themes likely be used by fewer number of your competitors as they are suitable for a specific target group and not for mass market consumption.

Nature of Business

When making the decision on picking a theme for your website or blog consider first the nature of business. It makes more sense to go with a niche theme when a business is going to be limited in scale and scope.  Niche themes are more compact and suitable for the purpose. A business which is starting small with good prospects to expand on either product lines and markets would need a more wide-ranging mass market theme with greater functionalities to scale according to the increasing scope of activities.

Skills Inventory Available

A small but often overlooked aspect of the entire WordPress theme selection and installation process is the level of user skills.

 A simple skills inventory of the user who will be involved in the entire process is useful.  If it is going to be you, see how capable or experienced you are with identifying, customising and installing a particular theme.

The SEO potential of WordPress make it very good for targeting niche markets.  Topics such as magazines, businesses, ecommerce, online communities, photography, affiliate websites, nonprofits and job boards, among others.

With amazing and effective user management system and powerful SEO plugins, WordPress is a world leader in creating diverse niche websites and blogs.

Honestly, WordPress is just waiting to be discovered.

Go ahead and innovate today!

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How to generate leads using your mobile phone

Just the other day I came across a post in one of the Facebook private groups where someone was asking this question..

Click Funnels vs Online Sales Pro which do I use?
To generate leads using your mobile phone…

The person who asked this questions inside of the Click Funnels group of Internet Marketers, said he didn’t get any serious answers and was laughed at.

Well let me tell you my thoughts. 

Well firstly, It’s not good to be laughed at when you ask a decent question, perhaps it was the wrong place to ask the question… but really that shouldn’t matter.

I’ve used both software systems in the last year.
I was recommended to buy into ClickFunnels when I joined an IM education affiliate program.

I joined Tecademics though Fourpercent – I no longer promote either of these companies.

1. I found the ClickFunnels platform has steep learning curve. And I’ve come from a WordPress background.

Online Sales Pro is very easy to understand for new marketers and those who are not tech savvy.

2.  CF price is nearly 3x that of OSP. Online Sales Pro DEMO

3.  CF has a limit on the number of funnels you can create.  OSP has no limits, I have linked an OSP landing page to every banner ad on my websites. 👍🏻😉

4.  Most new people don’t understand or need CF. It should be something that you decide to use after you have started to earn a small residual income from your marketing efforts. 👌🏻

5. OSP has a mobile app with a text and email follow up system built in, the fortune is in the follow up.

6. OSP has a ton of free training materials. CF you have to upgrade and pay for your training.

7. The WordPress plugin for CF was clunky, landing pages were not super responsive.

OSP no plugin required and is easy to link your custom domain, and have an unlimited number of capture pages to gather leads and new customers.

8. Both CF and OSP have an affiliate program that is available to their customers. Which means when you recommend the software to your business colleagues or your downline marketing team you receive commissions.

Watch a DEMO of how Online Sales Pro can help you get more customers and also earn you money.



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10 most useful WordPress Plugins for better blogging

January 22, 2018

Here are the 10 most useful WordPress Plugins I am using on my websites and blogs.

AWeber Forms Optin Cat or Contact Form 7

Two plugins to integrate with email autoresponder software, create forms to collect names and emails from your blog.  If you are a small business offering a service or products then this is a great way to build a list of subscribers, clients or customers who you can follow up with and send communications about new products and services.

WordPress Editorial Calendar

I found out about this plugin from a master blogger while in Costa Rica attending a marketing training event. It’s a calendar tool that allows you to upload a number of posts and schedule them over the month or week so that your posts get published on a consistent basis. If you want to use Wordress to create a professional blog the best way forward is to have one or two set days when new content is released. I’ve researched some of the top bloggers and social media influencers and they state the days of the week when new content will be published. That way your subscribers know what to expect from you and your website.

WP Legal

All websites should have a “Legal Disclaimer” whether your site is selling ecommerce, affiliate marketing or just an info blog hobby because what you write is available online. If your blog is personal you could add something like “This is my personal blog and the views expressed are my own”  If you gather data you should have a “Privacy Policy” and in the UK there are laws about keeping data and “Data Protection Principles” will tell you more.

Yoast SEO

This plugin helps you to get your SEO and readability optimised. When you know how to write and optimise the content and images you will have a much better chance of ranking your posts to be seen.


I love this plugin, when you publish new content you can share the post to your own social media pages, like Twitter, Facebook or Google plus.  Your readers can also easily share the post to their friends. Also useful to create PDF’s of posts if you are in business and want to give a report to your customers or create some sort of lead magnet that you can promote to drive traffic back to your website.

Pixel Caffeine

Now this little “Pixel helper” tool is for anyone who wants to really cash in on their marketing budgets with Facebook promotions. It helps you to install a piece of code on your website from your Facebook ads manager. Then when you promote a sponsored ad with Facebook you can actually retarget your website visitors on Facebook.

Google analytics By ShareThis

The best way to add a Google Analytics tracking code to your website without modifying any files. You can check GA to see how many visitors your website has and also see where your visitors are in the world. Another useful analytic is how your visitors found your blog. GA will tell you the keywords that were searched and also the platform that the visitors arrived from. If you have shared out your posts or page links to social media you will see which platforms are bringing in the most visitors.

WP Paypal shopping cart

Do you have a digital product? An ebook or reports that could be sold from your blog, this is the plugin that will help you with setting up your Paypal checkout.

Youtube Embed plus

Do you have a YouTube channel? If you create videos you can use this plugin to embed and share video content on your blog.  The videos you share also don’t have to be your own.

W3 Total cache

Improve the load speed of your pages and posts. Optimise your SEO. Your visitors don’t want to wait for images and pages to load. If your site is slow you will lose visitors.

WordPress Image Sizes

thumbnail – 150×150
D9 Hosting and DomainsStarting out learning WordPress and wanting to create you very first blog, read 10 most useful WordPress Plugins and get my special offer “free blog install” when you sign up to the recommended hosting… Click the image for more information on hosting.

medium – 300×300

Free 7 step success system crazy millionaire mentor

medium_large – 768×9999

Free 7 step success system crazy millionaire mentor

Other images sizes for information

large – 1024×1024

post-thumbnail – 630×315

featured-post – 285×200

list-image – 182×125

small-image – 78×55

shareaholic-thumbnail – 300×0

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My Top 7 Solo Ad buying Tips

December 12, 2017

Solo Ad buying

There are several sites to help you find good “solo ad” providers …

1. Udimi – Udimi is world’s largest email solo ad community.  It is my favourite for Solo Ad Buying because you can search solo ad providers based on various categories.   You can set the number of visitors, the price per click, percentage of sales, plus the number of positive ratings the vendors have achieved.

Click on the banner below and watch a quick video tutorial showing you how you can locate the best Solo Ad sellers to build your subscriber list for your affiliate promotion.

Udimi - Buy Solo Ads

2. Clixli  –  Get access to the secret traffic sauce of the heavy hitters when you join Clixli as a premium member. Premium sellers sell privately to some of the industry’s top dogs, 6, 7 and even 8 figure earners, and you will have the opportunity to access the SAME traffic as these industry leaders!

3. Safe-Swaps – The original and still a popular site, but only buy from members with good reviews.

4. Solo Ad Marketplace – A lot like Safe-Swaps. They use a verified vendors flash on the profiles. Three main categories include IM and Business Opportunity, Health and Fitness, plus Investing.

Forums and Facebook Groups

5. Warrior Forum – Spend some time looking around on the Warrior Forum, and other popular online marketing forums, and you’ll find plenty of people offering solo ads or “ad swaps.” A good place to start is to google the Warrior Joint Ventures sub-forum.

6. There are over 100+ groups and business pages on Facebook dedicated to buying and selling solo ads. Just do a search for Facebook groups using the phrase “solo ads” and you’ll find LOTS.  Most are closed groups which you will need to request access to join.

7. Search Google for phrases like this:

“internet marketing solo ads”
“make money online solo ads”
“work from home solo ads”
“biz opp solo ads”
“mlm solo ads”

The top three or four Google search engine results will be from paid ads. Next, the organic results will show below.  Do your research and due diligence before making any buying decisions.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading My Top 7 Solo Ad buying Tips

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