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Trello is being bought by Atlassian

 From Launch to $425 million in five years

The web based team collaboration and project management platform Trello is being bought by Atlassian.

According to Wikipedia Trello was originally made by Fog Creek software, the Trello project spun off from Fog Creek in 2011.

CEO of Trello Michael Pryor, confirmed the news of the acquisition on the Trello blog on January 9 this year.

Trello was launched just five years ago as and easy and fun web based collaboration software tool.  The online software platform has operated on the freemium business model, a basic service is provided free of charge, while larger business users can join the paid service.

19 Million Users

Trello has more than 19 million members who have used web based platform to solve many different challenges both personal and professional capacity.   I discovered Trello in 2014 when going through an online mentorship training course. I’ve used it to keep track of an important legal matter during 2015. I think it is a great online tool for small business and if you use VA’s or outsource tasks it’s perfect for sharing and allowing others to contribute.

Another way I’ve used Trello is to plan work and goals over a 12 week period
this follows the 12 week year program, which I discovered last year and starting using to plan and progress business goals.

I’v never heard of the Atlassian software Company until this week with the news of the sale reaching my inbox.  My quick search reveals that Atalassian is an Australian publicly traded, 5 billion productivity software company. reports that Trello has been bought in the deal valued at $425 million made up of $360 million in cash and $65 million in stock.  Atlassian collaboration software  tools include JIRA, Confluence, HipChat and BitBucket.

Inspiration from Japan

Trello takes its inspiration from the Kanban or visual project management message which traces its roots to Toyota industrial engineer Taiichi Ohno. Easy to use, Trello lets you organise projects by moving virtual post-it notes on a virtual whiteboard.

Trello is being bought by Atlassian

Top users include teams and companies like Google, Adobe and Pixar.

Trello and Atlassian both have the same stated goal to reach 100 million users.  Trello  fans just hope that the buy out doesn’t have a downside. We want Trello to continue to evolve in it’s easy and fun to use platform.

Read more on Trello Blog here
Read more on Wikipedia.

How to learn from individuals who succeed.

Want to make a start on a new entrepreneurial venture?

Learn from individuals who succeed.

Meet the Ecom Power Team with Lawrence Aponte & Chris Record.
How to learn from individuals who succeed.

Starting out with Tecademics as part of the Entrepreneurs Club you can access
the following training :-
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⦁ From $7/hr to $700,000 in E-Commerce Sales Online! – Success stories to inspire you.
⦁ Q&A Section to Ask Questions & Get Video Responses – access to a question and answers section where you can raise your challenges and get answers to your most urgent problems in setting u your new ecom business.

How to Research using google

Research your target niche with reverse engineering of successful Shopify stores. Go to google and type in horses  or cats or cellphone cases, or whatever your niche happens to be.  Search results will show Shopify stores that you can look through for inspiration.  If you find any stores that have a good layout you might want to try to discover which Shopify theme the store is using.  Go to and search on the URL.

Where to find Social Proof

You can check the various social media platform to find proof that products are being promoted or boosted as ads.  The following sites should help :
Facebook – find out how many likes, shares, comments an item has.
Pinterest – search out your niche for items that have more engagement or repins.
Twitter – look for your niche and see which items have mentions or retweets.
Instagram – hashtags are searchable, check for virality, comments and likes.

Sales proof based research

There are a few free ways to check on the sales of various niche items plus some paid for software tools.  Lets look at some of the free ways first. – do a search (eg Music t shirts) and all  items displayed will show the number of orders placed. Use e packet and automate dropshipping by using a shopify app. – another great store to check on what’s hot and selling well. – find out whats popular on ebay as voted by ebay users. – discover favourites and hot niches

Paid for software
Intelligynce is a powerful software tool that allows you to spy on over 170,000 Shopify Stores and over 800,000 products. Very powerful search tool. I’ts a one time payment of $197 and at the moment there is a very special bonus offer.  Get Ali inspector and find the best dropship products for your shopify store.   Preview Sales Page 

Teespy – is a huge searchable database for t shirt sellers.  Helps you to find ideas, includes FB interests tool to help you target the right interests and FB ad spy tool find live ads by your competitors. The software is available free with limited use and starts at $27 per month up to $97 for fuller use.

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The Journey Video Series

Interviews with successful online marketers

I would like to share something with you that has massive value.

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How Gumtree got started

 Gumtree was founded in March 2000 by Michael Pennington and Simon Crookall as a local London classified ads and community site.  What’s the story on how got started?

How Gumtree got started

 I think that  when people start out to create a business be it bricks and mortar or an on-line venture they never think about how successful it could be or even if it will make them huge profits, for some people it’s a case of a desire to  help people, or a project that they are passionate about.

Now everyone is familiar with as the go to on-line classifieds and community website.  Classified ads are either free or paid for depending on the product and the market category. 

How Gumtree got started

But just how did Gumtree get started, well I’ve had to do a little bit of google researching to bring you this post.

Well according to who have a fantastic article on their website,
Title: The mysterious founders of   The two friends Michael  and Simon decided to build a website to help the huge numbers of  Australian,  South African and New Zealanders who were based  in the UK  at that time.  The name Gumtree was chosen after they asked their target audience to vote on the names.   To read the full article go here

So what happened next….

They nurtured and grew the business through four years.  The website soon started to be profitable and was getting noticed.  After receiving an offer from eBay they sold the business.  So Gumtree went from start up, to being sold to a multi national business in just 5 years.  If you are interested in how it was reported in the news  you can still find that on-line here.
Guardian on Thursday 19 May 2005

It just goes to show that online success can come in all shapes and forms, never underestimate the power of this relatively new industry.

The global digital marketplace is still growing are you going to be a part of it?

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