Using Google Analytics on your websites

Internet marketing efforts need to be tracked so you know if you are using your resources wisely.  Google analytics is a good, free tool you can use to track traffic sources, conversion rates, etc.

Make sure you have Google analytics or some other type of analytics installed on your website.

Traffic Sources

You want to know where your traffic is coming from and where it is not coming from. This will help you allocate your resources properly.  Google Analytics is able to track where your site visitors are coming from, where they go on your site, etc.

A few examples of where your traffic may come from:

•    Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc)
•    Pay-Per-Click campaigns
•    Twitter, Facebook, etc
•    Articles and press releases that include links
•    Websites that have your links
•    Etc.

Having this information can help you have a more effective Internet marketing plan.

Easy Come, Easy Go

It is easy to find out where the traffic comes from and what page they leave from.  Both of these pieces of information are valuable.  Knowing them can help you identify if your Internet marketing strategy is working.
The page people enter your site on is important.  You want to make sure they arrive on your website on a page that has a focused message for what they are looking for (most websites have multiple entry points, each focused on a different search term).   Pay careful attention to what page your visitors land on and make sure it is well designed and well written.

The page visitors leave your website on is also important because it may identify a problem with your site.  If you find that a certain page is the primary exit point you want to see if there are any technical or other issues with that page that make people leave your site.

Conversion Rates

Though it is important to learn about where your traffic is coming from it is more important to know where your sales are coming from.  Conversion rates in Google Analytics are tracked by traffic source.  You can see where your actual buyers are coming from so you can put more emphasis on those resources.

Google Analytics is important to add to a website.  Learn about your website traffic, conversion rates and more so you can make important tweaks to your Internet marketing strategy.

Five ways to make money online

Make Money Online  Niches

1. Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate marketing?  It’s selling products for a commission that are created by other people. One of the most popular affiliate networks is ClickBank, they offer high commission rates on the digital products. Other affiliate programs can be found at Commission Junction and Amazon Affiliates, these are popular for physical products.

Pros – You dont have to create your own products. Start up costs are very low. You can easily scale up the business and can operate the business from anywhere. No need to buy, ship or store products. Affiliate platforms have their own payment processing and customer support so you don’t need to worry about setting these up. There are NO LIMITS to the monthly sales. When you have a subscriber list that you have built a relationship with, e.g. your subscribers know like and trust you, the rewards of promoting a new affiliate offer can be huge.

Cons – The company you represent or have an affiliation with can go out of business, or suspend the program any time or pay less commissions. You need to find new offers to stay current. You are paid commission after your marketing costs on the initial sales, unless it is a continuity model. (Commissions on a monthly basis) If you are only referring people to the company they are not your customers.

2. Create a Product

If you are creative you can design your own product that you can market and sell online. Some good examples would be, a DVD information or training, your own e-book, monthly training program, if you are passionate about a subject you can create a product around that subject. Creating your own products means  you get to keep more of the profits in your pocket, rather than it going to someone else.

Pros– Relatively low start up costs. No need to create huge quantities of physical product in advance. You control the quality of your products, you can ensure they live up to your and your customers  expectations. You have the ability to control the price, and control your brand and marketing.

Cons- Creating your own products could be time consuming. It could be weeks or months before you have a product ready to launch. Your choice of product is limited to your own knowledge and skills plus the resources you have availble to produce and market the product. If your business or product takes off, you could have issues  in fulfilment of physical items or it could prove difficult to scale.

3. Create a Membership Site

A great way of  building an ongoing income year after year is to create Membership sites.  To add authority to your site  interview experts in your field. It can really give your Membership site some credibility and great content. Types of membership sites including ongoing coaching courses of 6 to 12 months.  Education and personal development where access to membership content can be indefinite or until the person unsubscribes.  Niches include health and fitness, wealth, relationships and education like music tuition, online education, and marketing training.

4. Flip Websites

Buy and sell digital real estate.  This can be a lot of fun. Purchase a cool domain then build it into an amazing site, then sell it. What you make will improve even more if your site is earning a profit. Some top level domains can be sold for $5,000 – $10,000. Places to check for research are,, and

Pros – The sale transaction and transfer of the domain or web business is often quick and simple, its a lot easier than selling a brick and mortar business. High-traffic, high-revenue, high-profit web businesses command the bigger price tags, anything from $10,000 to 250,000.

Cons – If you are new to the online web business world there can be many pitfalls not all domains are appropriate for flipping. Brochure websites don’t make money and are only valuable to the business itself.
Another risk is a web business that is in an over served market niche.

5.  Print On Demand – Dropshipping

Print on demand is a form of e-commerce, it involves physical products. However you don’t need to have a warehouse or even know how to create the products. There are a number of companies that you can partner with to promote niche products that are relevant to your business model or target client and customers. You might run a health retreat and already have a customer base of people who love Yoga, Personal development or the Law of attraction. By joining a print on demand, T-shirt manufacturing company, you can promote T-shirts and other apparel that would appeal to your market and clients.

Pros –  Low start up costs, you never need to carry inventory upfront. You are not staking your money in advance of finding customers. No risk of having items you cant sell so low risk. You can manage this type of business from anywhere where you have connection to wifi. The drop ship partners manufacture, supply and fulfil your orders. You don’t need to have a merchant processing system set up.

Cons –  There are high levels of competition, because dropshipping is low barrier to entry in the market place, unless you are very niche specific. Low margins on individual items sold mean you need to sell high volumes to make a decent income. You have to have your marketing budget for paid advertising set at a realistic level, or already have a market/ customer base that will love the products.

Write Your Way to Success

Find Success in Writing

Are you ready to learn how to become a successful writer?

Until you are a successful writer, the first thing you need to realise is that your editor doesn’t care  who you are. The only concern your editor has is that your writing is at the acceptable standard.

In order to achieve this standard you will need to be serious and committed in your writing. The first thing you need to do is develop your writing style and technique in a way that gives value to your audience. You can achieve this “success in writing” technique by reading books on a wide array of subjects, by observing what is happening in the world, by taking notice of people’s opinions, and by analysing attitudes of the people you meet on a daily basis.

Become an expert

Next you need to recognise the importance of being an expert. To become an expert writer you are going to need the help of an expert writer. Start by submitting articles to a number of article sites. They will accept or reject your article. If they reject it, they will let you know what your mistakes were. There are tons of these sites. Just do a search. Although, I do recommend using as it is considered one of the leading article banks online.

To begin with don’t write in just one field. Instead try your hand at a number of different areas so you can begin to recognize where your potential lies. Never restrict yourself. Finally, have some fun and enjoy your writing experiences.

Here are 5 tips to help you get started:

1. Use your life experiences to help you write.
2. Put your thoughts into mini writings
3. Sharpen your observation skills
4. Always have a professional attitude
5. Write – write – and then write some more – that’s how you learn

You can become a successful writer if that’s really what you want to do. It’s really up to you.

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Sixteen Must-Have WordPress Blog Plugins

WordPress Blog Plugins

Some of you may not know that I have been using WordPress since 2005. The main reason I started creating websites with WP was to market my Property Lettings Business. I started out in a niche market for Student Lettings in Sunderland. For a while our business was probably the only “Student Lettings” Business in Sunderland that had a searchable website to showcase the properties.  I tried lots of WordPress Blog Plugins over the years and the list below is some of the most useful plugins I’m using now.

WordPress Blog Plugins

Here is a list of some of the plugins I have installed on my websites.

Akismet Anti-Spam –  Akismet is quite possibly the best way in the world to protect your blog from spam. Your site is fully configured and being protected, even while you sleep.

Shareaholic – share buttons for your pages and posts, help you and others to share your content around the web via selected social media networks. I also like the print PDF of web page which I found very useful in my property business.

Facebook comments by WPDevart – This Facebook comments plugin will help you to display Facebook Comments box on your website. You can use Facebook Comments on your pages/posts.

Pixel Caffeine – Quickest and easiest way to connect your Facebook Advertising account. Install the base code pixel on your web pages so you can build custom audiences from your website / blog for your Facebook marketing.

Pretty Links Marketers Edition – Shrink, track and share any URL on the Internet from your WordPress website.

NextScripts, Social Networks Autoposter – This plugin automatically publishes posts from your blog to multiple accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ profiles and/or pages.

WP InstaLegalPages – A helpful and time saver premium plugin to auto-add legal pages on your sites. (you will need to check and edit where required to fit with your product or service, but very handy plugin.

YouTube Advanced by Embed Plus – Uses an advanced YouTube player to enhance the playback and engagement of each YouTube embed. Just paste YouTube Links!

Note the White Screen of Death

OptimizePress – OptimizePress plugin for marketers. Create squeeze pages, sales letters and much more with ease. This plugin has caused me some headaches (note “White Screen of Death”) a few years ago.

Yoast SEO – I use this on all of my websites. The all-in-one SEO solution for WordPress, including on-page content analysis, XML sitemaps. It helps you to optimise your headlines and post copy so that it is search engine friendly.

Google Sitemap – This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and to better index your blog.

W3 Total Cache – Improves the SEO and user experience of your site by increasing website performance, reducing download times via features like content delivery.

WP Email Capture – Captures email addresses for insertion into software such as Aweber or Mailchimp

WordPress Editorial Calendar – The Editorial Calendar makes it possible to see all your posts and drag and drop them to manage your blog

WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click – This WP plugin protects the posts content from being copied by any other web site author, if you don’t want your content to spread without your permission! There will be no copy and paste function.

WP Property – WP- Property is a leading WordPress plugin for creating and managing real estate sales and property rentals and management.
This last WordPress Blog plugin I used to showcase the student rental properties. I don’t use this now, but it is still available to transform WordPress sites into Property Marketing websites.

What’s happened to my WP Blog? White Screen of Death

The White Screen of Death

Now some of you may not have experienced what has been termed “The white screen of death” but let me tell you as a beginner (IM Apprentice) the first time this happens to your WordPress blog it can be a bit scary.  You may not be able to log back in through the WP Admin panel, all you see is your URL  in the browser and a blank white screen in front of you.

So I thought I would share my experience here, and point out that all is not lost when this happens.

Regular Backups

Firstly, when ever you make changes to your WordPress site by adding themes, or updating plugins, always take a backup. This is good advice but its not always followed. Luckily I did follow this advice this time.

Why has this happened?

If you were updating or adding a theme or a plugin when you lost the site then the likely cause is the last item added or updated.

This is what happened to me today. Three of the plugins I have installed on my blog were showing updates available, so before clicking the update I took a back up of WP and saved the file to my desktop site folder. So I know where to find the backup if it is needed.  See some of the most used plugins.

One by one I updated the plugins. The final plugin update caused the site to fail.  I know exactly which plugin caused the issue and I need to deactivate that plugin, but when trying to log back into WordPress the Admin panel is just a “White Screen”.

What to do when Locked out of WordPress Admin?

I wanted to deactivate the plugins but was locked out of the admin panel. This is when I try Google!

I had experienced the white screen of death once before and I remember that there is a number of good resources on the subject.  So here is what I searched for “the white screen of death wordpress”

Top blog showing at the number one spot for the google search  is 

This site will help any WordPress beginner or  IM apprentice.  So a quick read of the first page “How to fix the WordPress White Screen of Death” and I find the heading two thirds of the way down the post “Disabling All Plugins” and a link to a new post

“How to Deactivate All Plugins when not able to access WP-Admin.”   Using the FTP from the host’s file manager is the method I used to recover my blog.

This resource describes how you can find the plugin folder in the WP-content file.  All you need to do is rename the plugin folder to “plugins.deactiviate”  next step I go to the WP admin and re try log in, SUCCESS!

Once logged in to WordPress all the plugins are showing as deactivated, I just followed the instructions on resource and renamed the file via the FTP host to plugins again the returned to WordPress to reactivate the plugins one by one.

So my blog site is restored – all I need to know now is what to do with the faulty plugin?

Any comments anyone?

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