Six Top Types Of Subject Lines to get you started.

November 20, 2017
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Here are my six top types of subject lines to help you get started with email marketing.
The type of subject line is a very important part of your email marketing campaigns. You have to realise that your customers probably get a deluge of marketing mails into their inbox. Savvy marketers will use these types of subject lines to get a response. If you think about it most people will just scan the subject lines before making the decision to open your message. You have just a second or two to get inside the head of your prospect or customer.

1. Personal subject lines

Are you coming?

You’ve changed?

NAME – Surprise inside

NAME, check out these hand-picked tools

Crazy invitation, I am going to buy you lunch…

Seriously, who does this?

Quick favour?

? your detailed results…

Thanks for helping us.

2. Retargeting subject lines

I’m deleting your account

The price dropped …

we are not gonna give up on you!

How can you afford xyzzy

3. Pain point subject lines

Stop wasting money on  xyz…

“Your xyzzy issues, solved”

“Wanted: Digital Entrepreneur Superstars…

How to survive your next xyz

job lay off, big medical bill, financial crises

Stop wasting time on mindless work

Learn a new skill with only 20 minutes a day

Start a business without breaking the bank

4. Greed subject lines

Get priority access

25% off your favourites

Turn your mobile into a cash generator

5. Humour subject line

Text message: “loraine we need help the bathroom has been stolen”  (True Story)

“We like being used”

Look what you did, you little jerk…

6. Fear of missing out subject lines

Urgent, breaking, important, alert,

eg. Uh-oh, Your xyzzy is expiring

[URGENT] You’ve got just ONE DAY to watch this…

Your 7-figure plunges bye-bye at midnight…

[WEEKEND ONLY] Get this NOW before its gone…

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