There is Traffic and There’s Traffic

I want to talk about Solo Ads in my post “There is traffic and there’s traffic”

A solo ad is a one time email blast you buy from a vendor that has created a large “list” of people who have opted in to receive information via a blog or newsletter of some sort. Simply, some internet marketers will accept payment in exchange for sending an email you have written with an offer you are promoting, which will be sent out to their mailing list.

Three platforms where you can find solo ad vendors are places like UDIMI – receive a $5 Gift code when you order traffic through my Udimi link above. You can use this on any $70+ order.   A newer platform is Clixli similiar to Udimi you can set up an account for free, browse seller profiles and order traffic at various prices. When you use the platform payments are processed through the  Clixli which is a protection against fake accounts and sellers. Vendors are rated by the buyers. You can find various types of solo providers for example in the health niche or personal development niche not just the business opportunity niche.  Find out more about 
CLIXLI  and finally there is where you can find many great solo ad vendors. If you would like some personal recommendations hit this MESSAGE ME ON FACEBOOK 

I have personally used solo ads to grow my email subscriber list and to promote affiliate offers to grow my online business.  Now this is an example of how tracking the clicks received can help you to understand why there is traffic and there’s traffic. 

Check out this images below

Traffic Quality Scores

The software I’m using here provides a Traffic Quality Score in this case the score is 33.

Poor quality usually cheaper traffic - There is Traffic and There's Traffic

Poorer quality traffic is usually cheaper traffic.  Anything less than a score of 40+ with a low number of  Top tier 1 clicks or a high number of Tier 3 or Tier 2  is considered to be poor quality.  So here in this image it’s showing that this traffic source is not producing Top tier clicks. 

It could be suspect traffic. The email open rates on these leads are normally very poor. With around 3% opened and very limited numbers of clicks.  You would probably find that a subscriber list from this traffic source will not be eager buyers.

Traffic Quality Score: 100% Tier 1 

Traffic Quality Score with Clickmagik

This 200 click solo ad purchase has produced some good quality traffic.  It included 1 sale on delivery and three more sales during follow up within the first 17 days.  

As you can see it produced 100% Tier 1 clicks. What is also important is that 55% of the clicks received are coming from MOBILE.

Mobile Traffic is Growing

Please beware that this trend will only be set to grow.  More and more people will browse the internet using mobile devices in the next few years. Be prepared to have your webpages and landing pages optimised for mobile devices.

Moral of story always test your traffic sources. Ensure you are tracking the clicks to the landing pages and also the leads opting in to your list.  This way when you find a vendor that has produced some real quality traffic with top tier clicks you know that you can then scale on your next order or repeat an order with the same vendor. 

Never purchase a large order without first testing a sample. I recommend 100 to 200 clicks as a trial never go higher on a first run with a vendor.

If you don’t have a tracking system in place then I can highly recommend the one I am using here. Clickmagick

Solo Ads are just one method of driving traffic to your website, business or affiliates offers. There are numerous other ways to get people in front of your offers and business niche. These include  Media ad buys, Banner ads, Social Media and lots more.

Hope you enjoyed reading “There is Traffic then there’s traffic”.

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