Six Figure Income : Affiliate Marketing

 Is It Possible To Pocket A Six Figure Income
With Affiliate Marketing

“Generally those marketers  who own websites and don’t create products or sell services of their own, find it difficult to earn big money through the internet.”

How many times have you heard this?

It is possible to sell space for advertising. You would need to be generating  significant amount of traffic to your site. You can’t expect to sell the advertising space if you don’t  attract high traffic.
To become a  six figure income earner, affiliates need to learn what to promote, and then how to promote it.  The secret is in what you offer on the front end of the website or funnel.  In traditional affiliate marketing  the commissions earned on the products are usually low.  The disadvantage is that a product creator usually has affiliates promoting these low ticket products and the higher ticket items are reserved to be sold out to the email lists that are created.

A home based business

Most marketers prefer to start earning money from home on a part time basis, while still working another job or business.  However, there are pro’s and con’s here, working form home is fine but the reality is many online entrepreneurs will not earn huge commissions.

One reason for this is that the marketer will treat the new business like a hobby while working part-time. Individuals are not fully committed to focus on starting the business the correct way.  I’ve listened to many success stories and I can tell you there are a lot of people who tried and tried and failed before they became successful.  The difference being, they did not give up.  They worked on growing themselves first. Successful marketers get educated, then find mentors to support them.

Generally, affiliate marketers are selling other people’s goods and services for a commission which normally ranges between 5 to 25 percent of the product price. The secret is to have a product that fits with your target group. Then you drive traffic to the offer and collect names and emails. Results come from converting the traffic to sales.

You should also ensure that your adverts do not look like conventional advertisements. This is because many people do not take their time to pay attention to the banners that are scattered all over. When they do visit your site they are wanting information on what you provide.  A good strategy is to have something that you can offer FREE this way you can build a good list of potential customers.

When you are researching for products as an affiliate you need to look at some of the Affiliate Platforms that sell the goods and services that are related to your niche.
See my earlier post on TOP ten affiliate programs
These websites have affiliate programs with offers that you can promote on your own website, you will find information on how you can sign up to join them.

Six Figure Income : Affiliate Marketing

The smart affiliate marketer promotes companies that pays out commissions on all of its products through the whole sales funnel. Even smarter they sign up to a company that helps them to build a team of marketers.  A company that teaches them how to get sales in the first 30 days.  A company that pays up to 90% commissions on front end sales and 50% commissions through back end sales. There are big rewards for top earners. Reach $5,000 per month in sales you qualify for a $600 lease payment for the car of your choice. The higher your monthly earnings the higher the lease payment.

For example See how Steven Bransfield managed to transform his life

My Own Business Education


Top 10 Affiliate Programmes

The Top 10 Affiliate Programmes to Monetise your Blog

Want to know how to monetise your blog or your niche website?  Consider adding some offers from the Top 10 Affiliate Programmes as promotional adverts in your niche.

I’ve researched what I consider are the top 10 affiliate programs.  The programs are not ranked in any order by the way.  I can not recommend any of them personally. I will leave that to the Affiliate Marketing masters out there.

Starting Here

1  Amazon Associates  –

Amazon is probably one of the most  well know on-line retail stores. by becoming an affiliate or associate you can monetize your web site and promote products sold on the Amazon Store and be earning up to 10% in referrals.

Our friends over at Authority Hacker said this:

Did you know Amazon associates is one of the biggest affiliate marketing programs in the world?!

That’s exactly why we did a deep dive into the Amazon associates for a recent blog post. It covers everything you could imagine, from getting started to dealing with a dreaded suspension.

We work with Amazon Associates every day so like to think we know our stuff, and I hope you’ll agree too!

Check out the Authority Hacker post here

Another widely accepted on-line & mobile store – the affiliate program requires approval but once approved you can link to music, apps and books via iTunes, the App store, iBooks and the Mac App store.
If you are thinking of joining this program I strongly advise reading through the FAQ’s on the website.

Some of the lesser known programs

3  Affiliate Future –

Free to become an affiliate – no set up fees.
You subscribe to Merchants and allow their advertising on your website. To earn revenue from your sites your visitors need to click through on ads. This generates visits, leads or sales for the Merchants.

Typical Merchants: Airlines – Jet2  & Virgin Atlantic, Retailers – Bed Shed, Smart Phone dealers, online gaming.

4  Paid On Results –

There is a wide range of Merchants from Food, Bedding, Hair styling products, Airlines, Designer clothing and more.
The affiliate payment terms are available from the website. Paid on Results advise that there innovative software can pay out validated sales commissions in three working days.

For the low down on affiliate marketing with Paid on Results we advise reading the Affiliate Page here

5  Book Depository –

Again this is free to join – the payments are 5% on all orders and pre orders, with a monthly payment.
With this program you don’t need to have a website. You can promote the Book Depository through other methods like the ever popular Social Media networks, forums, blogs and e-mails.

Half way through the Top 10 Affiliate Programmes

6  Aflite.Co.Uk –

This program promotes new smaller on-line businesses and developing brands. Merchants types include home furnishings, books, clothing, hotels and holidays, education, business baby clothes and maternity and much more. The affiliate revenues vary depending on the merchant and range from 1.25% on Villa Holidays to 25% on fashion reading and sun glasses, the average is about 10%.
No set up costs- Free Affiliate sign up, check out the information on how this works here

7  Affiliate Window –

This program has sections on their web site for Advertisers (Merchants) and Publishers (Affiliates)
The four main sectors of business advertisers are:
Finance & Insurance, Retail & Shopping, Telecoms & services, Travel.
To join this program they request a £5 nominal fee.  The nominal fee is a security check then when approved the money is repaid to your account. For more information on this program go to the “get started” page here.

Advertisers (Merchants) and Publishers (Affiliates)

8  Trade Doubler –

With Trade Doubler again their website refers to Advertisers (Merchants) and Publishers (Affiliates)
Publishers have to register it says just four easy steps to becoming an Affiliate.  Read more at the get started page.

Trade Doubler has over 2000 top brand advertisers.  Affiliates will find adverts for almost any niche.

9  Commission Junction –

Again Commission Junction refers Advertisers (Merchants) and Publishers (Affiliates)

Publishers can receive payments by Cheque or Direct Deposit and CJ pay out in numerous currencies.

Advertisers at include 3000+ merchants and some top brand names like Argos, Laura Ashley, Hotel Chocolate and With around 35 categories of retail and services to choose from like Health, Food, on-line service, Telecoms, Books, Clothing, Insurance, well you get the picture.

If you are thinking of joining this program I recommend you go to the “Why CJ” page to check the information for yourself.

Number 10 of my Top 10 Affiliate Programmes.

10  Link Share –

Just three steps to signing up, with no fee to join.  Payments to affiliates are made by direct deposit or cheque, the program operates in a number of countries.  Merchants in the program or advertisers include some top brand names that reach UK consumers like Accessorise,  Avon, Benefit, Coast and many more.  See their Clients page for more information.

The TOP TEN AFFILIATE PROGRAMMES plenty of advertisers to choose from.  Please feel free to leave your comments or share this post.  I would love to hear from people who have found success in promoting affiliate adverts on their own blogs or niche sites.

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Earn With Social Networks.

Traffic, Visitors, Subscribers.

If you are looking to get results with earning money online you will need traffic , getting thousands of visitors to you website and offers is not that easy.

Solo ads are one of the quickest and easiest ways to get traffic to a blog, landing page or funnel.
If you need traffic fast. Want to build your customer email subscriber list.  Solo ads, with earn with social networks can work for you.

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What is a solo ad?  A solo ad is a one time email blast you buy from a vendor. Usually the vendor has created a large “list” of people who have opted in to receive information.  Normally a blog or newsletter of some sort. Simply, some internet marketers will accept payment in exchange for sending an email you have written with an offer you are promoting, which will be sent out to their mailing list.

If you want to know more about Solo Ad Traffic you can read an earlier post here: There’s Traffic and There’s Traffic 

To check out the traffic packages on offer just click the button below and find out more.

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How to Start An Online Business

How to Start An Online Business.

Three of the most important key elements you need to start an online business.  Three Keys to Online Success, my first e-book is available now BUY IT NOW.  What you will learn in my e-book.   How to start an online business. What you must do to create your first product. The five ways you can drive traffic to your product or service.


Key 1 Build an online presence
 4 Actions – To get you started with building your online presence.

Key 2 – Create A Product To Sell
Three things you Must Do in order to create your first product.

Key 3 – The most important of all
Drive traffic to your product or service
5 Ways to drive traffic.   Read my post on “There’s traffic and there’s traffic” HERE
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Learn more about my story, my journey from housewife and mother, to volunteer and paid employment.  Starting in business with the help of my partner, the tragedy and loss. The entrepreneurial spirit drives me to continue to learn more and earn more.     My Story so far….

Trello is being bought by Atlassian

 From Launch to $425 million in five years

The web based team collaboration and project management platform Trello is being bought by Atlassian.

According to Wikipedia Trello was originally made by Fog Creek software, the Trello project spun off from Fog Creek in 2011.

CEO of Trello Michael Pryor, confirmed the news of the acquisition on the Trello blog on January 9 this year.

Trello was launched just five years ago as and easy and fun web based collaboration software tool.  The online software platform has operated on the freemium business model, a basic service is provided free of charge, while larger business users can join the paid service.

19 Million Users

Trello has more than 19 million members who have used web based platform to solve many different challenges both personal and professional capacity.   I discovered Trello in 2014 when going through an online mentorship training course. I’ve used it to keep track of an important legal matter during 2015. I think it is a great online tool for small business and if you use VA’s or outsource tasks it’s perfect for sharing and allowing others to contribute.

Another way I’ve used Trello is to plan work and goals over a 12 week period
this follows the 12 week year program, which I discovered last year and starting using to plan and progress business goals.

I’v never heard of the Atlassian software Company until this week with the news of the sale reaching my inbox.  My quick search reveals that Atalassian is an Australian publicly traded, 5 billion productivity software company. reports that Trello has been bought in the deal valued at $425 million made up of $360 million in cash and $65 million in stock.  Atlassian collaboration software  tools include JIRA, Confluence, HipChat and BitBucket.

Inspiration from Japan

Trello takes its inspiration from the Kanban or visual project management message which traces its roots to Toyota industrial engineer Taiichi Ohno. Easy to use, Trello lets you organise projects by moving virtual post-it notes on a virtual whiteboard.

Trello is being bought by Atlassian

Top users include teams and companies like Google, Adobe and Pixar.

Trello and Atlassian both have the same stated goal to reach 100 million users.  Trello  fans just hope that the buy out doesn’t have a downside. We want Trello to continue to evolve in it’s easy and fun to use platform.

Read more on Trello Blog here
Read more on Wikipedia.

How to Choose Your Niche

Choosing your niche is dependent on several important factors.

You might want to spend several days on working through these factors when thinking about how to choose your niche. If you give these the desired consideration they will play an enormous role in building success for your business. Don’t allow choosing your niche to become a huge challenge for the business.

Follow five simple steps in thinking about what it is you are going into. There are no hard and fast rules that need to be followed for identifying the profitable niche market. It can take a great deal of time, energy and cost to identifying a suitable niche market for your business. The fact of the matter is that instead of focusing on the customers who are keen to purchase the products, it is better if you concentrate whether there is a substantial demand for your service or product. However, it should not be the sole focus for selecting a niche market. There are some important guidelines that can make a positive contribution in choosing your niche.

Five Steps on How to Choose Your Niche

Step 1 – Start by listing everything that you do. All the services or products you are providing.
Step 2 – Identify your high value goods & services. Then identify the products or service that is most frequently requested or purchased.

You will want to position yourself as a specialist, with a well defined target market and a well defined set of products or services.
Step 3 – Identify your customers or clients problems. What common problems, goals needs, wants and desires do your target niche share?

Step 4 – Identify your customers. Who most needs what you have to offer? Who do you want to serve or work with? Who have you already helped?
Step 5 – Refine your offerings. Promote the product or service that people purchase most frequently, then position your higher value offerings as upgrades and upsells, remember it is easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to find a completly new customer…

The niche must be interesting to you.

It is believed that apart from the niche being profitable, it has to be interesting to you in order to sustain it for longer period of time. The niche requires your perseverance and motivation for it to be converted into a profitable niche for the future. When you have interest , your work tasks are fun and fulfil your passion in variety of ways. On the other hand, if the niche is purely identified on a profitable basis, it will not take long for the rivals to creep in and take away your share of the market. Your dedication and commitment has to be there all the time to keep your niche safe and profitable for longer term.

The niche must have a reasonable life span.

While doing the in depth analysis for the niche market, you will observe varieties of niches considered to be “golden nuggets”. These types of niche markets have the potential to attract many businesses. However, you need to be keep in mind for how long will they be attractive? The time span of the niche market is very important. For example, if you select the football world cup event as your niche market, sales will only last for few weeks. The popularity of this niche market will soon be the thing of the past. You need to make sure that the niche that you choose will have consistent sales over a good period of time.

Choosing a niche is art as well as science and it takes a considerable amount of experience from an individual to correctly analyze the business niche’s true potential.

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